"Forty years of experience at your service"

  • Thirty years of experience with Modern Language Association, American Psychological Association, and Chicago manuscript format and style guidelines.
  • Twenty years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Ten years of teaching and research in Florida's college and university system, including English grammar, usage, mechanics, composition, and technical writing.
  • Eight years of editorship for on-line and traditional journals dedicated to education, national security, intelligence, military operations, and creative writing.
  • Seven years of reviewing and editing scholarly works for foreign national scholars seeking publication in English-language journals.
  • Five years of research for Department of Defense programs, including two forward deployments to assist military operations in Iraq.
  • Interdisciplinary expertise in English language and literature, higher education studies, education law, national security, counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism, political science, Islamist movements, Middle East and Africa studies, anthropology, social psychology, public perceptions research, statistics for predictive analysis.
  • Government security clearance

Full Service Editing